A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

LE Dialogue Editor is a standalone application, made with the Godot Engine, created with the main purpose to manage tiny but complex dialogues.

Learn more in the WIKI

Want a working example? Right here, the source code is right here , and here's the wiki

Does LE dialogue editor is what you need?

If you want to create a visual novel or a story driven game with non-linear story, this application shouldn't be your first choice. Why? Because managing heavy dialogue in a tree view will be pretty hard to maintain. That's why you should check those plugin/applications instead

But if you have more modest needs (like me), LE Dialogue Editor should do the job. It supports

  • Dynamique localization (choose over existing locale, create your own custom one if you need)
  • Create, save and custom your own characters library to quickly choose who speaks
  • Different kind of dialogue node (based on your project needs)
    • Characters with name and multiple portraits
    • Name only
    • Text only
  • Set a maximum numbers of letters per dialogue and choose
  • Choices branching
  • Conditional branching for both dialogue and choices
  • Preview of the dialogue based on the condition
  • Emitting custom signals for your dialogue (more of a Godot thing, but you can customize it how you want)
  • Editing multiple JSON file at once
  • Multi-os support
  • An pretty ok-ish IU
  • Works on every engine that can read a json file
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tagsconversation, dialogue, Godot, godot-engine, json, tool, tree


le-dialogue-editor-linux.zip 58 MB
Version 1.1.4 Jun 03, 2022
le-dialogue-editor-win.zip 57 MB
Version 1.1.4 Jun 03, 2022
LE-dialogue-editor.zip 69 MB
Version 1.1.4 Jun 03, 2022

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Will the tool support non western character such as Chinese in the near future?

The tools has made with Godot Engine and they support some more advanced font (chinese, Arabic). Made see how to setup a dynamic font for different languages but I never done such thing and don't know witch font could be the best since I don't know chinese. But, Here the souce code https://github.com/Levrault/LE-dialogue-editor, maybe you could check how to edit the font of the app to support every language you want


Thanks for the quick response. I will take a look at the code and see if what I can do to add the multi language support into the editor.

For the font to use, the safest(without license issue) font to pickup with for eastern character set would be Google's Noto Sans series, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

I will add it to my backlog, I just don't have the time at to moment to look at it sorry

Hello! Awesome work here! :)

I'm trying to download v1.1.1, but i still get v1.0.3-beta in a zip-file

Hi! Just seems small issues coming from my github action that didn't rename the executable. But if you open the app > open a workspace > click on help > about, you should see that the dialogue on is on the last version v1.1.1. You can also download it with the itch.io app. Hope it helps

Hi!, the tools seems great, but im having a problem with the portraits, it is saving them with the rute of the image in my computer, but this isnt great for portability, is there a way to save them with the relative path in the root folder of the game?

That's stange, I know that I have portability the force us to almost create a new workspace when switching from desktop to desktop. Not the best but I ain't got any other solutions to this time.

The workspace saves the route and assure that when an image is saved, the root is set locally "e.g. res://assets/portraits/Fox.png" should be saved and not "home/levrault/examples/assets/portraits/Fox.png". Is there a way that you could open an issue right here https://github.com/Levrault/LE-dialogue-editor/issues with your generate JSON file, workspace cfg file, and describe your env? I will do my best to fix this issue!


An update has been created, feel free to tell me if you encounter this issue again




Sorry but I don't get the joke 😅 LE was a proposition by GDQuest to make it sound french and I liked the joke.


Ooooh! I thought it was an acronym like LE for Level Editor or something like that.

So I made a bunch of acronyms myself for a very funny joke ;P

LE? WDTSF (what does that stand for)? WITE (Where is the explanation)? INTKIOIAGC (I need to know it or I am going crazy)!


Ah! Good one, but play the same game on gdquest's Twitter feeds https://twitter.com/LFLangis/status/1335333834070642689 with some good acronym,

Low Effort dialogue editor
Light Engine dialogue editor
Light Evolutive Dialogue editor
Levrault's Egocentric Dialogue Editor

while it's just a French meme at the end ><


Haha, that’s a funny backstory to the name.

Too bad it isn’t Spanish, could be EL dialogue editor then :D EL standing for Easy to Learn


Hi, awesome tool. I might be able to use it for my project (non-Godot).

Question, what do you use for the nodes elements? Is that provided by Godot UI?


Hi, those are GraphNode, are in-engine Godot nodes. I just changed the theme to something more appealling. I will soon add a doc about the generate JSON that should be useful for every type of engine ;)